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Buy Tennis Ball Collectors

Posted on April 18 2018

Why would I want to buy tennis ball collectors? 

Why would I want to buy a tennis ball collector, you may be thinking. After all, that’s what the kids are for right!?

It really depends on your coaching philosophy; some coaches think picking up the balls is a valuable part of the learning experience others think the faster the balls are collected and the less energy spent on collecting them, the more time they can spend concentrating on what's important - actually playing!

Personally, I can understand both sides, however, I believe the latter is a lot more progressive!

Here’s my short list of reasons why I think a ball collector is a good investment!

It makes collecting balls fun for smaller children

To get a little menace into the wonderful game of tennis, you’re competing with every other sport the little one is exposed to. Tennis often loses in this battle of the sports because enjoyment in tennis starts when players can effectively keep a rally going.

Tennis is one of the most challenging sports to coordinate and keeping a rally going is not that easy at the beginning. As a result, children can be put off the sport early on.

As a coach you have to bridge the ability gap by bringing plenty of enthusiasm and fun to the lessons so why not make your job a little easier by having a simple tool to bring an added enjoyment to the class?

It just makes sense to me!


You can better organize your time

Collecting tennis balls takes up a lot of time. It’s just a fact. You can get your players to collect the balls whilst you grab a drink, talk to someone, check your phone, whatever you want! But most times, I would find myself picking up the balls with my player.

I would often try and start a conversation about the shot we’d been working on but my player would be half focused on picking up the balls and I could tell he/she was not listening.

When I used the Kollectaball we could have a general chit chat whilst collecting the balls which would be very quick and then I could get the player to concentrate on what I was saying whilst they were taking on a drink.

You Save Energy

Collecting tennis balls takes up energy, whether it’s physical energy or mental energy, albeit it small, it does take its toll. If you have something that makes the task a little more manageable, you’ll see the results both in their enthusiasm throughout the practice and in their play!

So if I’ve convinced you, you’re probably wondering which tennis ball collectors you should buy. Fear not, check out my blogs on the best ways to buy tennis ball collector online.


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