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Buy Tennis Ball Collector Online

Posted on April 18 2018

So, you’re wanting to buy a tennis ball collector online but you’re not sure which one to buy!? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We have three tennis ball collectors, the Kollectaball Feeder, the Kollectaball Max and the Kollectaball Mini.

Kollectaball Max - I’ll be honest with you, this is our premium collector; and for me, there isn't a better collector of tennis balls in the world. You still have to collect the balls up, but it actually makes it fun!

The Kollectaball Max retails at $149.00. It can collect 60 tennis balls and has a V-Opener so you can dispense all 60 balls quickly back into your hopper or basket. It is a professional tool with a two-year warranty and will simply make your tennis coaching career easier!

The Kollectaball Feeder is another of our premium products and is one of only a few tennis coaching aides that allow you to collect and feed tennis balls. If, you haven't already, please check out our video on the CS60 here!  The Feeder retails at $198.00 and can be used in conjunction with the Kollectaball Max meaning you can feed 60 balls and then seamlessly replace the cage with another 60 balls and give the empty cage to a student to collect.

The Kollectaball Mini is our budget range, but don’t be fooled by the low offer of $121.00, the CS40 packs a punch! You can collect 40 balls in seconds and then use the emptying teeth at the side of the cage to empty back into a larger hopper or bucket.

The Roll-in X-Large 40 is also part of our budget range and is a great option if you don't fancy assembling the unit! All you will need to do is find a handle for the cage and start rolling up those tennis balls! The Roll-in X-Large 40 can be bought for $99.00 and comes assembled; it will collect 40 balls and comes with a dumper in order to release all the balls from the cage.

You won’t find a more economical, professional and long-lasting tool for collecting tennis balls than the Kollectaball range and they’re all available in Australia.

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